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The third stage involved in grading and site preparation is the grading. This process takes form when all existing structures and obstacles have been cleared and excavated. Grading is the operation in which the land is levelled to begin the construction. Site excavation and grading are very different activities as excavation is the removal of land while with grading you are working with the land to smooth and level out the surface. For example, consider a driveway to your house, grading would be necessary to level and shape the surface for the driveway to provide maximum safety. There are also various factors to take into consideration when grading including the type and quality of the soil, the density of the land and erosion control.

As a disclaimer, site preparation may seem like a venture that can be attempted by yourself. However, with the various heavy equipment needed and other safety factors to take into consideration, it is advised that you leave it to the professionals. The foundation of a road or building is the most important aspect of a project to get it off on the right foot and if it is not correctly established, the entire project can collapse.

Step Three: Grading

The second stage involved in grading and site preparation is site excavation. This process includes clearing or demolition of all existing structures; including buildings and trees, the clearing of these structures and the sale of materials from the clearing process. Test drilling, levelling, landfill, land drainage, earthmoving and excavation are also processes included in site preparation. Equipment typically used for site excavations includes bobcats, mini excavators, backhoes and skid steer loaders. The modelling of ditches is a prime example of site excavation as existing soil must be removed in order to excavate a divot for water to flow. This is important as water takes the route of least resistance and by creating a divot, this can direct the water flow away from the home or road.

Step Two: Site Excavation

Step One: Land Clearing

The first stage involved in grading and site preparation is land clearing. Once the purchase of an undeveloped block of land is made, land clearing needs to take place. This process occurs before any excavation starts. Land clearing involves the removal of all vegetation in the surrounding block which includes trees, undergrowth, native habitats and the removal of problematic elements such as large boulders.

Site preparation is a very involved and key process in building foundations for constructions such as houses or roads. Preparations for these constructions includes three steps which are land clearing, site excavation and grading.

Date: 30/07/2019

What Is Involved in Grading and Site Preparation?

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